Al-Asmar Nour Al-Gharb
(Al-Asmar Job)

Al-Asmar Nour Al-Gharb Company is one of the leading human resources and recruitment consulting companies founded in 2012 by Mr. Mohammad Harmalani; Founder and General Manager. Registration No. 57053 Tax ID. 20801081. In addition to its long professional history in recruitment, employment, human resources services, and with the continued expansion of the global labor market, our company is committed to providing job opportunities for individuals and raising the efficiency of Morocco's labor force and human wealth, through modern and vocational training programs, and development of professional cultural exchange interaction between nations.

We are looks forward to creating a better world and positively affecting every family by developing human resources and appropriate job opportunities.

Our Mission and Services

Since the establishment of SOCIETE ALASMAR NOUR ALGHARB, it aims to be a global company offering special and high quality services such as:

  • Receiving vacancy applications after identifying the needed experiences and qualifications for each job.
  • Making the initial interview with the candidates in order to examine their competence by special employees on the company.
  • Prepare a group of personnel having the required expertise and send their information for companies' owners.
  • Arranging the appointments and interviews between candidates and company owners.
  • The rapid completion of the consulate procedures and its confirmation from the competent authorities.
  • The reception of the customers or their representatives.
  • Providing administrative means, transfers, and international and local calls to customers or their representatives.
  • Training young people who want to develop themselves in order to have job opportunities on the Gulf countries.

Our Vision:

We see a promising future illuminating the world with the efforts of the work team at ALASMAR NOUR ALGHARB Company, where we have a good impact on every family around the world.

Our mission:

  • Providing our esteemed customers with the qualified, trusted candidates who are dedicated to their jobs continuously.
  • Providing the demands of our esteemed customers in the shortest possible time.
  • Providing our employees with continuous training in order to have the best performance.

Our Values:

  • The satisfaction of our esteemed customers is our first priority. We are not only doing business, but we seek for a long-term relationship.
  • Providing professional excellence.
  • Mixing Human elegance.

Our strategic approach:

  • Establishing a database according to customer's demands.
  • Tests and interviews to select the suitable candidates.
  • Preparing the documents for the candidates.
  • Releasing visa procedures

Why us?

We choose competent candidates

ALASMAR NOUR ALGHARB Company focuses on choosing competent candidates as we attack candidates due to our strict regulations. We provide qualified personnel and we keep on touch with them which means that we have ready employees for you all the time.

Good representation

After the customer gives ALASMAR NOUR ALGHARB Company the authority, We try to figure out the company closely in order to represent it professionally for the candidates. This approach helped us to gain our good reputation.

Significant presence on the internet. is a vital site which attracts many job seekers every week which helps us to provide qualified personnel. We are expanding our presence with advertisements on main internet job boards and social media platforms.

Our Message

The main objective of Al-Asmar Nour Al-Gharb is to provide the best customer service, build strong international relations with the most important companies operating in the GCC countries, and provide the necessary human resources per the labor market requirements and the laws established by it to guarantee the rights of all parties concerned.
We are also helping our clients to impress the world by implementing strategies to build and develop superior and highly qualified human resources to provide exceptional service, by consolidating the capacities and efforts of staff, enhancing their loyalty and enthusiasm, and enriching work ethics and self-esteem.

Company motto

Credibility in dealing with clients

Quality in work and adherence to standards

Speed ​​in getting work done

Respect the rights of all contracting parties

Choosing the best human cadres