The statement of the Director-General

ALASMAR NOUR ALGHARB (ALASMER JOB) is a coordinated, easy and specialized website for any company that needs a specific employee or a large number of employees in any field and for anyone searching for a job at the same time. As an employment agency which is concerned of the external and internal employment, we make it easy for both of the companies and the job seeker. We provide the company with the competent employee according to its need. This is done by professionals who select and qualify the employee from the database of the general human resources we have in all disciplines in an honest and credible way to ensure the long-term relationship. In addition, we guide the applicant for the suitable job according to his specialization and his academic, practical and professional qualifications, and we him on how to choose him and choose his qualifications for the vacant job. We also qualify the applicant if he has a scientific or professional deficiency, and prepare him seriously if he was selected for any job offer as we cooperate with successful schools, institutes, associations specialized on any profession or any previous qualification.

We always look forward to a better future where we have easy communication and to providing our customers' demands professionally in order to have long-lasting relationships as our customers' confidence is the way to our great success.

- D. Mohammed Harmlani -