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Respect the rights of all contracting parties



ALASMAR NOUR ALGHARB Company , HR consulting and recruitment agency , the company was established in 2012, and its current location is in Kenitra, Kingdom of Morocco.

The company is managed by a team of professionals who were involved in this work for more than 10 years and its staff have experience and were trained on the company. The company is located in a quiet and well-maintained neighborhood near the main security state. It is well equipped with modern equipment for smooth operations. We are always committed to providing the necessary training and motivational packages for our employees to deliver their best performance and to offer high quality services for our clients following our principles which are; "Smart work, dedication, honesty and efficiency" in delivering services.

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Credibility in dealing with clients

Choosing the best human cadres

Our mission and services:

  • We offer jobs opportunities in different sectors like (commercial and administrative, tourism sector, hotel industry, medical, marketing and sales, engineering, training, fitness and restaurants...ext.)
  • We make it easy to subscribe with our offers remotely and without the need to move from your home.
  • We receive job applications after selecting the necessary qualifications and experience for each job
  • We make initial interviews for the candidates to test their competence by specialized employees in the company.
  • We direct the applicant to the job according to his specialization and his academic, practical and professional qualification
  • We arrange appointments and interviews between candidates and company owners. The interviews are verbal and practical as face to face interviews, or via the means of communication.
  • We keep our customers in touch and provide them with the best offers.
  • ALASMAR NOUR ALGHARB Company aims to be the best among the leading companies in the external employment field by:
  • Offering high quality, reliable and ongoing services.
  • Continuing to serve its customers at all times
  • The expansion on the field of employment in order to offer the best services whether internally or externally in order to cover the largest group of people seeking for competencies and to increase the size of the database of competencies who are seeking for appropriate employment opportunities through market search and by reaching to all parties concerned.

The most important institutions and companies that we deal with

Gloria Hotel
Al Faisal
Al Fanar
Firewood Burger
Al Babtain
Al Sokor
Al Soltan

Success Partners

Air School
Mohammed Harmlani

Since ALASMAR NOUR ALGHARB Company has been established, it presented itself as one of the leading companies on the field of employment in Morocco.

Our best services have been consistently delivered and it have always met our customers' expectations in an efficient manner. We would like to present ourselves as a firm company, as we have a very strong experiences.

We think that honesty and loyalty come before quality and our growth proved what we believe in.
Since our company was established, we have continuously expanded our services, covering all regions of the country, and today we have succeeded in being one of the employment companies in Morocco. We are also proud of our efforts which have contributed in reducing the unemployment problems in the country.

Our honesty and high quality services helped us in gaining the global recognition and we became more confident and looking forward for recent opportunities. We have always maintained our basic procedures for employing people in the Gulf States with the help of our human resources staff as we work on improving their skills and abilities by giving them suitable complementary courses.
We are seeking to have a future full of improvement and great success.
Thank you, and the highest consideration and respect for you.

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